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Academic Excellence

Embrace Challenge. Support One Another.

The academic program at Jump Start Academy places an emphasis on every aspect of our student’s growth and development. We take advantage of the natural curiosity children possess by having our teachers present new information in creative ways whereby students learn through exploring and understanding using their own emotions and experiences.

Our general curriculum includes a variety of challenging courses that meet or exceed state requirements. Suitable class sizes and exceptional, qualified teachers allow Jump Start Academy to offer an intimate and inclusive educational environment, while also ensuring each student receives the individualized attention and support they need.

Curricula: Academics
Playing with Toys


When you love, pay attention to, and care for an infant it influences how they grow emotionally, physically and mentally. That’s why at JSA, we have a low child to caregiver ratio! According to scientists who study infant care, when you love and touch an infant, his or her brain literally grows.
By listening to and playing with your infant you are helping them more than you know.  Giving your infant hugs, smiles, encouragement, and touches are additional ways to help your infant develop. Our staff is committed to helping your child grow in a safe, caring environment. The infant room is cozy, soothing and intimate. You’ll feel at ease when you drop your child off at JSA.
We follow your schedule. You make the decisions on when your baby eats and takes a nap. During the day your child will play with stimulating toys as well as listen to stimulating music. First word and storybooks will be read to your child.
The cozy and bright Infant care room at JSA
Reading is a very important part of your infant’s day. Studies show that if you read to children as infants, they will become better readers later on. Of course your baby will not understand what is being read to them but they will benefit from the intonation and inflection.
Fun singing will also be provided at our academy for your child. Studies have shown that singing is a very important part of quality baby care. Mothers around the world softly sing lullabies to their infants. The lullabies are repeated and as a baby grows he or she will sing with you and others.
When your baby sings with you and others, important socialization has just occurred. Your child also gets used to being with other children during group interactions with our caregivers. One on one time is also provided to your child which is very important to the development of an infant.
At the end of each day you are given a detailed note about your child’s day. There is no need to wonder if your infant had enough formula, a nap, one on one time with our caring staff, etc., as all of this pertinent information will be given to you.

Toddler with Toys


If your child falls in the age range of 15-18 months thru 24 mths, they will be placed in our exciting Toddler Classrooms.  Your toddler will enjoy playing on their own safe playground complete with fun riding toys. Check out our weekly or monthly activity planner for our toddler program focusing on skills in the development areas of language, motor development, music, as well as, art.
Our toddler curriculum will focus on teaching language skills with your toddler. At this stage talking to your child is very important. Even more important is listening to your child. This means making eye contact with the child and responding to them.
When you do so, you are showing the toddler that his or her words are important and you are creating an incentive to keep your child learning more about language. When your toddler is treated this way, with regards to language, studies have shown that the child will be six months ahead of their peers.
JSA has plenty for your toddler to learn!
Reading will increase your child’s language skills. Read to your child throughout the day versus only bedtime. If you read to your child only at bedtime, he or she will associate reading with going to sleep.
Motor development is another important part of a toddler’s life. To help get your child’s muscles ready for important tasks such as writing, fine motor skills are needed. A simple way to improve a toddler’s motor skills includes stringing beads.
Sensory tubs are a fantastic idea as well. A great example of a sensory tub includes a tub filled with water and toys. Another sensory tub is a tub filled with dry hard beans. Place a large eating spoon inside of the tub. Make sure you have different sized cups for your child to fill up with the beans.
Music is important as it helps build your child’s vocabulary. Music also helps with your child’s coordination and rhythm. Listening to music can calm your child down as well as lift their spirits. Music is also brain food for your child as it increases connections in their brain.
Cozy book corner for story time!
Art helps stimulate your child’s imagination. Art is also a great way to build your child’s fine motor skills and receive sensory stimulation. Playing on the playground is a fantastic way for your child to socialize, run off energy and use large motor skills

Diverse Kindergarten


If your child is between the ages of 3 and 4, JSA preschool program is the perfect place for them to spend their day while you are at work.

Using The Creative Curriculum, a content-rich, developmentally appropriate program with plenty of engaging activities, exploration and discovery, we focus on structured learning as children are eager with further developed attention spans and interest levels.

Your child enjoys a stimulating, educational and emotionally supportive learning environment where lesson plans include activities in Dramatic Play, Language Development, Gross and Fine Motor Skills, Math, Science, Music and Art with our preschool curriculum.  With a weekly walking field trip a stone’s throw away to the community library, your child’s schedule also contains social and emotional learning, as well as a character development component, to ensure a well-balanced curriculum.

Research shows that children who attend a quality early care and learning program have a larger vocabulary and strong basic concepts of mastery.  Our classroom allows eager learners the connection, emotional support and assistance in grasping essential social and age appropriate academic skills.  As the preschool child develops more intimate peer relationships and ask questions about the world around them, we provide the experiences to address these milestones through scientific inquiry, math, beginning reading and writing experiences and so much more.

JSA has lots of colorful and fun toys!

As home-school partnerships extend the natural connections between the family and early learning program, our goals for your child are taken into account as we strive to offer a comprehensive experience.  Twice yearly conferences following formal assessment will apprise parents of their child’s development as it progresses through the program.  Spanish and music are offered at no additional charge as the strong foundation we provide encompasses a myriad of activities and experiences.

JSA also gives your child the opportunity to get along with other children their own age while each child will get used to sharing, waiting in lines, playing beside others, following directions from the teachers. While being immersed and feeling part of the entire academy community, your child will reap the many rewards of enrollment in the Preschool.

Pinwheel Kids

After School Program

If you have a busy schedule, enrolling your child in JSA After School Care may be the ideal solution! Your child will be kept busy by participating in many interesting and different activities.

Your child will shine at JSA!

Our center and its carefully crafted after school program offers Homework Assistance, Group Activities and Games, a proven curriculum, and care that is offered on School Holidays and Teacher Workdays. During Winter and Spring Break Camps JSA delivers theme days and field trips as well to delight, stimulate and entertain your older child. Snacks and lunches are included in your fee.

Pre-K After-Schoolers will join our full-day Pre-K class, while children who are enrolled in K-5th grade are divided into smaller groups in our expansive and open floor plan designed especially as the After School Classroom.

We are pleased to offer Homework Assistance to the children who are enrolled in our program to ensure that your child has completed their assignments in a timely manner.  This individual support for the children is delivered by our experienced team of teachers who carefully attend to each student so that they understand the assignment to the best of their ability. Our focus is quality and to alleviate the burden on their time after returning home following a long day.

JSA helps your child with homework in our After school program!

In addition to our homework support and talented team of teachers, we have carefully designed group activities and games which will engage your child and keep them active during their time in the after school program. Your child will be properly looked after and actively participate in activities designed to stimulate their mind and body while building important social skills with their peers.

Spring Breaks and Winter Breaks can be stressful as some parents find themselves taking off of work or searching for a babysitter. JSA is open for your convenience so your child will have fun participating in our theme based program. We offer field trips during these sessions as well to round out the experiences as your child will enjoy being in the same surroundings that they have become comfortable with. We are also open on School Holidays and Teacher Workdays as a courtesy to all of our enrolled families.

Keep your child happy in his or her routine when they attend our academy and you will have the peace of mind knowing that your older learner is building confidence and being taken care of in a safe and caring environment.

Curricula: Classes
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